Après 6 années d’expérience en tant que Graphiste/Webdesigner, autant en start-up qu’en agence, j’ai pu à plusieurs reprises me rendre compte que l’esthétique ne faisait pas tout.


Simplicity is often key to the success of a product or a service. Therefore I turned to our friend Google for a bit of enlightenment. I discovered UX Design which has been a complete revelation. This strategy puts the user at the heart of the approach which is what has lead me to want to get involved with UX design.


Going forward, I’ll be able to provide more than just a creative user interface, but rather a real strategy corresponding to your business and your users’ needs.

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Brand identity

I showcase your business by creating its own graphic identity and customised media. Provision of essentials such as your logo, brand chart, business cards, booklets, flyers and posters all tailored to your specific needs.

UX Design

I’ll work with you to set up a user-centred strategy in order to anticipate your user needs while exceeding their expectations.

UI Design

Depending on the results of the user study I create trendy and user-friendly interfaces.

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